Culinary philosophy that differs Villa Marciana from the other restaurants in Varna

The team of Villa Marciana learns from the 12 best restaurants in the world

Every visit to Villa Marciana is an unforgettable experience. The food here is not just food, but it’s a way for reaching physical delight and intellectual feast. The team of Villa Marciana restaurant creates wholesome cuisine with a mission to give sovereign pleasure to the senses. The cuisine is notable for its superfine gustative qualities and natural characteristics. Each product is regarded highly, because of its special features and individual specific character. The food is prepared in a way to highlight and emphasize its unique nature.

Bio products from the Balkan region

The team of Villa Marciana- Varna relies on bio products which are typical for the region and raw materials with highest quality. The team constantly tries to explore, select and develop.  The qualities of the culinary heritage are valued here, and together with that a completely new cuisine is created. The team of restaurant Villa Marciana rejects mass production and purposefully searches its alternative in the Balkan regions.  According to the team of Villa Marciana, the work  of restaurants in Varna should be more oriented  towards the development of the potential of the local products.
Restaurant Villa Marciana relies on regional products – fish, poultry and game meat; cow, sheep, goat and buffalo yoghurt, cheese and cream; fruits and vegetables. The team of chef Dzhedzhev explores the local regions for forest fruits, mushrooms, nuts, herbs and roots. Rear variety of spices, vegetables and herbs with interesting gustatory flavors are grown in special separated beds in restaurant Villa Marciana near Varna.

One of the restaurants in Varna, which completely relies on high quality row materials.

For Restaurant Villa Marciana "gourmet" is not a modern business model, it is a philosophy, work style and attitude towards food. Gourmet cuisine consists of 50% quality raw materials and 50% culinary art.
The team of restaurant Villa Marciana doesn’t compromise in regard to the initial products which are used. They are 100% organic. We do not support the use of artificial flavors, synthetic substitutes and preservatives. Only natural ingredients are used in the kitchen of the restaurant Villa Marciana - Varna. They are being processed here until a final product is created.
The team of Villa Marciana – Varna buys high quality meat, which is cooked in the kitchen by using special recepies until extraordinary final products are obtained.
The same technology is used to prepare bread, pâté de foie gras, home smoked meats and fish, homemade jams and home pickled vegetables. Spices are grown in our own garden.
The dishes are seasoned by fresh herbs during the summer and dried condiments during the winter.
Gourmet cuisine is also an art where long kept culinary traditions interweave with  modern methods of preparing and processing of the products.
For example: using fond, slow cooking, smoking meat and fish are traditional methods, but Sous Vide method and molecular cuisine are typical modern techniques.

Sources of culinary inspiration

In the art, called "gourmet”, the team of restaurant Villa Marciana learns from the best in the world, because this is the only way to reach the top. These 12 restaurants are located in Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and USA. The team of Chef Dzhedzhev cooks and experiments with their menus and recipes and follows every step of their culinary development. The aim of the team of restaurant Villa Marciana is to reach and surpass their level.

Why restaurant Villa Marciana does  follow the example of exactly these 12 restaurants?

1. Because they are recognized as the best restaurants in the world by both connoisseurs and the biggest certifying organizations in the culinary industry.

2. Because our team knows personally the culinary art of every one of them and is convinced of their genius.

3. Because these 12 restaurants are among the most innovative in the world and master the art of "Modern Cuisine", relying on the great gourmet tradition.

4. Because  the philosophy of these 12 restaurants meets ours on two main points, namely: strictly following the dogma raw materials of superior quality and regional origin (principle of "Slow Food") and creating tempting delicious and wholesome dishes.

5. Because these 12 restaurants represent all main culinary schools, namely: traditional Mediterranean, Scandinavian and Asian school. For the team of restaurant Villa Marciana - Varna this approach of interweaving the tradition with innovation is an inspiration, and for our guests it is an explosion of flavors and unforgettable experience for all senses.

The team of Villa Marciana learns from the best in the world:

1. L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges - Paul Bocuse
2. El Celler de can roca – Joan Roca
3. Noma - René Redzepi
4. Osteria Francescana - Massimo Bottura
5. Eleven, Madison Park -  Daniel Humm
6. Vendome - Joachim Wissler
7. Narisawa -  Yoshihiro Narisawa
8. Aqua (Wolfsburg) - Sven Elverfeld
9. Amber (Hong Kong) - Richard Ekkebus
10. Überfahrt -  Christian Jürgens
11. Tantris - Hans Haas
12. Fat Duck - Heston Marc Blumenthal

Culinary delight

By visiting restaurant Villa Marciana you will find finest texture, fascinating flavors, intense, discriminating taste, rich, culinary variety, clean, wholesome, low-fat food and a surprise in every dish. Every day our team meets special requirements of vegetarians, vegans and omophagists. Here the rules of these special ways of eating are well known and relevant exquisite menus are developed.
Aren’t the joy and happiness the most important things in life?
Toma Akvinski said in 13th century: “From all the passions of the soul the sorrow causes the biggest harm to the health.”

Harmony of body and spirit

The main purpose of Villa Marciana is its guests to achieve full harmony of mind and body while visiting the restaurant near Varna. Here they have the opportunity to get away from everyday stress, turn to themselves and cognize happiness.
Therefore restaurant Villa Marciana offers its customers to participate in a Japanese tea ceremony. The Way of Tea is a technique of meditation for more than 2000 years, offering the perfect purification and elevation of mind before you become part of the feast called food. As in the tea ceremony, in the gourmet cuisine attention to detail is paid, and the ultimate goal in both is the spiritual and physical rising, the enjoyment of every experienced moment, achieving harmony and a sense of complete happiness.