The team of Villa Marciana Varna

Organization and creative spirit

“The “Staff”” is the foundation of what the restaurant was, is now and will be in the future. These are the men and the women who put in all their energy, various talents and full commitment so the stay of the guests can be unforgettable experience. They are the people, who discuss issues, make new rules, new organization or create new dishes with an excellent quality. For reaching the set goals the team works in different groups. Each group has a different focus - kitchen, events planning, corporate forums management, company parties and events.

The creative team who makes the atmosphere

Restaurant Villa Marciana is an excellent place for every type of celebration thanks to its elegant and conductive atmosphere. A team of artists, architects and interior designers fulfill the idea of “gourmet restaurant in Bulgaria”. They “imported” elements from different cultures and architectural styles for reaching harmony dressed in artistic “exaggeration”. They created a restaurant with a mission to give delight. The creative team continuously improves the vision of the restaurant, and enriches it with new symbols and decorations.

The team in the kitchen of the restaurant Villa Marciana Varna

Our culinary team is headed by Hatche Alieva, raised in the village of Padina. Besides collecting knowledge from the finest resaurants in Europe, she knows well the taste of authentic and pure Bulgarian cuisine. For her, recognition of quality is a matter of minutes and doesn’t require tools, nor special academic knowledge. 

The people who welcome the guests at the restaurant Villa Marciana

Stamen Kostadinov is the extremely initiative manager of restaurant Villa Marciana. He is the wonderful host of this place. He has traveled to many different countries around the world and he knows well the highest standards of service. Krasi Yordanova is one of the initiators of the idea for the restaurant Villa Marciana. She is marketing manager and organizes the events here from the very beginning. She is appreciated for her creative ideas and loved for her friendly attitude and dedication to the guests who organize personal or business celebrations (wedding, anniversary, birthday or name day). An integral part of the team is Katya Miteva - one of the young residents of Padina village. She is a real guardian of the native traditions. And thanks to her at every festive occasion at the restaurant Villa Marciana the traditions are being recreated and passed on to the guests.

Service or a smile by vocation

The team which is serving the food at the restaurant Villa Marciana is one of the biggest attractions of the place. These extra attractive and uncompromising professionals are dressed in original costumes and they give proper attention to each guest and even a minor occasion is turned into an unforgettable celebration.

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