Wedding in Bulgaria and the superstitions

The wedding dress

According to tradition, the bride-to-be should not wear her wedding dress before the wedding day or, if she cannot resist it, she should try on the dress without all accessories, so that her clothing is not complete. That way the bride will not cause a bad luck on her wedding in Bulgaria.The groom is not supposed to see his future bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. According to a popular superstition, the future husband and wife should not spend the night before the wedding in Bulgaria together. The wedding dress should not be washed during the first year of the married life.

The red colour

Also according to Bulgarian wedding customs the bride should wear some red color on her bridal veil against adversity in her married life; this can only be a small band or even some faux pearls attached to the veil. In order to ward off evil spirits and bad luck on the wedding in Bulgaria the bride is supposed to wear a clove of garlic wrapped in a small handkerchief.

The threshold

According to traditions, on the wedding day the bride should cross the threshold of the church with her right foot first. Also the bride and the groom should not cross their ways while going to the church. After the ceremony the bride is not going back to the house from which she had come. After the wedding the newlyweds do not use the same path on which they had come to the church. To avoid that the bride should stumble while entering her new house the groom carries his bride across the threshold of their new home. During the wedding ceremony there are many flowers and a lot of money as a symbol of fertility and luck.

Traditional Bulgarian folk dances

Traditional Bulgarian folk dances are always a part of a modern wedding in Bulgaria. The first group dance begins with the witnesses and is followed by the other guests, one after the other. In the middle of the celebration another old Bulgarian wedding custom takes place: the bride and the groom break a large, round bread together: the one who has kept the bigger half will be the one who will have the final say in the family.

The groom's mother

According to traditions, after the wedding in Bulgaria the groom´s mother receives and welcomes the newlyweds with something to eat, usually a freshly baked, round bread with honey or salt. The first piece of bread is always salty as the difficulties that will arise in the family life of the young couple. The second piece of bread, however, is dipped in honey to remind the newlyweds of the delights they will share in the future. The witnesses of the wedding in Bulgaria, usually good friends of the wedding couple, also get a piece from the traditional round bread first with salt and then with honey. They should remember to accompany the married couple in their hard times as well as in their good times. So make an inquiry for your wedding in Bulgaria!